Architecture & Identity: Conference at Jesus College Cambridge

“After 50 years of relatively stable conditions, today we are living in a situation that seems to have become more and more complex and unstable in terms of politics, economics, personal relations… There is a clearly a growing need for people to rediscover their own identity…”

– Taken from Conference Abstract


A fantastic seminar held jointly between the University of Cambridge and Universita Politecnica delle Marche, the day saw a diverse panel of speakers engage with various ideas of identity and architecture through interrogating case studies.

Chaired by Ed Frith of Arts University Bournemouth and later Harry Charrington of Westminster School of Architecture, the panels explored themes ranging from the commodification of heritage to how architects have attempted to distill the pluralistic idea of national identity into built form.

The day long conference was a fantastic experience and thoroughly engaging. For myself, of special note was the presentation by Nicholas Ray querying the nature of typological understanding in the work of both Aldo Rossi and Rafael Moneo (something my own research is increasingly touching on).

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