A task in spatialising information, ATLAS was an attempt at collating all the data and mapping for Notional Identities to date in a single volume.

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ATLAS was also to be presented as such at the ARCSOC Degree Show held at the Bargehouse, each project being expressed by the wealth of information already assessed in trying to frame the question.

For Notional Identities, it is not simply a case of mapping demographics, or charting political alignment and voting records within the city (although this does a play a part).

The fact that identity is a construct, and deliberated and decided upon in the minds oif each individual, means that the endeavor ATLAS unpick the contexts which inform the architecture in question.

For Calton Hill, this is exploring the historical contexts of the 18th and 19th centuries which gave rise to the monuments on top of the hill. This means exploring the economic, social and political contexts which formed the creation of these edifices and expressed an identity.

It also means charting expressions of this shared identity through the city. Crucial to this has been tracking, plotting and understanding various protests and rallies (many ending a Calton Hill) which allow group-expression of this.

In time, this information will be used to try and draw parallels with the context of today. What economic, social and political factors are emergent and important today which define a Scottish national identity?



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