Introducing Common Weal

Working in the future context of an independent Scotland, it is important to address how this nation would differ from the country that we know today. Picturing this requires understanding the range of different visions for how Scotland would define itself.

Common Weal offers one of these visions, a comprehensive, evolving and progressive idea of what a future independent Scotland would look like, and crucially how the country as it is today could get there.

“Common Weal is a ‘think and do tank’ campaigning for social and economic equality in Scotland”

The huge swathe of academic and lay information collated and produced by Common Weal is a fantastic resource in understanding the shape of this independent country.

Regardless of whichever way the brief for the project ends up swaying, understanding and mediating different visions for this future is essential. Common Weal is an invaluable asset towards achieving this goal.


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