Common Weal Visit: Economic Policy

Currently, the developing brief of the project lies in finding parallels between the original context of the monuments of the hill, and the future context of an independent Scotland.

The intermingling of the Scottish Enlightenment and ideas of emerging commercial society resulted in influencing the mercantile colonial British Empire. The monuments of Calton Hill stand testament to this. Extrapolating this to a future independent Scotland, what could be the parallels?

The economic vision of economic policy, specifically the functioning of an independent Scottish currency could form the backbone of one strand of these parallels. I was lucky enough to meet with Dr. Craig Dalzell of Common Weal in Glasgow to discuss the mechanics and possible timeline for this currency, and how it would make manifest a uniquely Scottish identity.

Crucial to the progression of the project, the meeting laid out the various options that were made by Dr Dalzell in the Common Weal Publication “Scottish Currency Options Post Brexit” and the timeline for these. In situating Scotland within a global economic footing, and in relation to the pound in the rest of the UK, this currency policy describes one aspect of a statement of identity for a future independent country.

Craig Dalzell can be found on twitter here @thecommongreen

His paper relating to an independent Scottish currency can be found here

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