Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland Visit

An interesting initial meeting with the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, held at the historic Rutland Square.

This national heritage organisation is predominantly a network of volunteer professionals, activists and lay people which is very active in Edinburgh, especially with their oversight of the Save the Royal High School Campaign (which is obviously of special interest to the project).

Discussion with Development Officer Sarah Pearce revolved around the more tangible aspects of the project, and bedding it into a realistic future reality policy framework and process. Tackling the implementation of the project in this way should ensure that the final outcome responds to the heritage-policy context of today, along with a realistic projection of the process that any development in this historic context of Edinburgh needs to co-operate with in terms of statutory bodies and the community.

Interestingly, the Save the Royal High School Campaign, with the various schemes that are suggested for the site (I will add more detail on these as this blog progresses) act as an interesting precedence study for any construction atop. From planning application, recall and appeal to lobbying and consultation, the current process outlines the nuances needed to negotiate this project implementation. Understanding these from the get-go seems to be the best way of grounding the proposals in reality.

In short, co-operation with the AHSS is a fantastic opportunity to both ground the project in real process and connect with a brilliant network of diverse figures in the area. I’m looking forward to where it will drive the project.

You can follow the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland on twitter through @theAHSS, and their website can be found on

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