Collective Gallery Visit


Collective Gallery are a key contact to this investigation, their gallery space and HQ has occupied the City Observatory atop Calton Hill since moving from old premises in the town.

Collective  host a diverse platform of contemporary art in the form of installations, walks, unique events on and off site. Their on-going spread of Projects “constellations” covers the Hill itself, and tangential histories associated with it.

The Gallery’s residence on the hill, and their spread of projects and walking tours aimed at the Hills history will prove to be fantastic jumping points for not only understanding heritage, but the way that the spaces of the Hill are appropriated today, the daily rhythms of occupation.

Not only a key stakeholder, Collective are currently in the process of renovating their premises, with the hope of opening “a new kind of observatory” in 2018, working closely with artists and the public.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet with curator Siobhan Carroll for a discussion about the genesis and future trajectories for my project. The meeting was incredibly useful, discussing not only Collective’s own plans for their ongoing development which will need to be factored into future plans, but also links to other artists and works which relate to my own investigations.

Unfortunately Collective are fully programmed up until at least 2019, however some fascinating leads emerged from the conversation… that and the promise of the odd cup of tea when I’m camped out on the hill sketching in classic Edinburgh weather (i.e. absolutely dreich).


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