Michaelmas Design Review

Just prior to Christmas saw our first critique of design interventions. Albeit only initial explorations into designed responses to a still embryonic brief, the crit illustrated the strength of even super hypothetical propositional thought during the design research process.

With Calton Hill as the fixed site for the intervention, efforts were made into exploring how the dual nature of the history of the hill, and the Jeckyll and Hyde reputation of some of Edinburgh itself, could be explored through architecture.

Key to this was utilising architectural motifs and techniques from both “heritage narratives” which describe the history of the hill. A grand, imperial monumentality has been replicated through scale and proportion, whilst the unique nature of the Scottish landscape is brought forth through framed avenues and views. Scottish democracy is explored through the re-use of “New Parliament House,” a building which never saw a parliament sit, known mostly by its older term The Old Royal High School.






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